"Unseen Magic"

There are some things in life
We can not see or understand
They are mysteries to the body and mind
They touch us in our hearts
Our entire body can feel them
We can smell and taste them
We can even hear their echoes
Yet we can not see them with our eyes
For they are the way in which people touch our lives
Both in hurt and in pleasure
The impact on us is apparent to all
Before we ever know it ourselves
Someone can touch our lives
Without ever meeting them
We know their every feeling
We know their every thought
We know them inside and out
Yet we have never seen them
Our lives are affected by them,
In ways we can only imagine
As theirs are affected by us
You can cause them hurt
You can bring them joy
Yet your eyes have never had the pleasure
Of seeing the look in their eyes
When they think about you
For some the wait is agonising
For others there is no wait at all
For they have the pleasure of being there
To share in the joys and the pain
But no matter how near or far
The one thing holds true for both
The friendship and love between them
Is visible for all to see
Though you cannot see friendship or love
The effects are magnificent to behold
For there is no more beautiful sight
Than two friends holding each other close
It is too often taken for granted
Until the day it is no longer there
For like anything else in life
What is neglected will eventually vanish
But like any true magic in life
Even that which has vanished
Can be bought back for all to see
True friendship is something however
That not all are able to find
So hold close what you have found
And treasure it with all your heart
For the best gifts in life can not be held or seen
For the best gifts in life are friendship and love.

By Eric Larson 4/19/00